Colored men's socks: rules for combining with a suit

To begin with, advice on how not to do it:

Wear colored socks under patent leather shoes. Wear very thick socks that hang over your shoes. Wear transparent socks. Allow socks to slip onto shoes. Wear colorful socks with cartoon characters and similar prints to your business suit. Unless you work in fashion or as an animator. Save the white socks for the argument.
Determining the exit

Matching colored socks to your outfit depends on where you are going. With a strict dress code, it is generally better to refuse colored socks. In a conservative style, only black, blue and gray are appropriate. The maximum that you can afford is a small unobtrusive pattern, peas or a cage. If you have a non-formal attire at work, well, congratulations, it all depends on your flight of imagination!
Matching socks to trousers

The socks provide a transition from trousers to shoes. Socks, correctly, should be matched to the trousers, not to the shoes. So, the length of the leg visually increases, which adorns not only women. At the same time, brown shoes look better with colored socks than black ones.
Toe length

Cropped socks - they will not work for us, as well as white, short socks are usually worn with sports shoes. And how to make an accessory a bright detail of a fashionable image, if it, this accessory, is hidden? Therefore, it is worth choosing long socks for the suit. The following rule will help you navigate the length:

Sit down and cross your legs. In this position, the skin between the trousers and the socks should not be visible.

Tie and socks

A good solution for today would be a color ensemble of socks and a tie. At the same time, they can differ by half a tone in color or pattern. If we talk about casual style, you can choose a fashionable men's jacket for jeans, and a pocket square or a neckerchief to match the socks.
Shoes and socks

Remember that bright socks draw attention to the shoe in the first place, so it must be flawless. It doesn't matter if it's classic oxfords or casual loafers.

Bright colored socks are an accent. But accents should not compete, but should complement each other.