About Company

ASKOMI unique style and high quality. A team of Italian designers and European technologists worked on the development of the brand. Creativity, style and quality design, as well as the possibility of rapid expansion in the market. For the production of ASKOMI stainless steel products, we use raw materials from European manufacturers, after which any product passes a 7-step quality control. In all that we do, we can trace the enthusiasm for fashionable, stylistic and most relevant trends. Gradually, ASKOMI includes in its collections new lines that complement the concept of the brand.

The KHOH group of companies is one of the leading manufacturers of hosiery products in Russia, which has been carrying out continuous production for more than 15 years. Our factory is located on more than 5,000 m2, equipped with the latest high-class equipment from leading manufacturers.

Cooperation with famous European designers gives us the opportunity to always keep up with the times and create high-quality and stylish products that meet the latest fashion trends.